Medieval Board Game

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An initiatory journey on the theme of eternal return, well known since the Odyssey onwards, and it is the wild geese themselves - bearers of superior wisdom and celestial messengers - that symbolize it. The original work from which the game was derived is a piece created by the artist Cinzia Chiulli: 63 modules made of peperino (a local volcanic stone from Viterbo), sculpted and painted with the colors of the "earth," inlaid on a wooden table, presented and exhibited during the "Forme e Colori della Tuscia" exhibition in May 2022. The artwork - "VADO.GIRO E 'TORNIO'" - is a tribute to Viterbo, a city with an ancient ceramic tradition, boasting the largest and best-preserved medieval district in the world. Following the spiral of the Gioco dell'Oca (Game of the Goose), you embark on an exciting symbolic journey that unfolds through the "favorable" and "unfavorable" squares, where obstacles, prisons, mazes, and towers appear, challenging you to overcome them.