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ARCANUM XI "Strength"

ARCANUM XI "Strength"

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Add a touch of medieval charm with our unique magnet collection. Each magnet showcases a beautifully illustrated Tarot card, capturing the enchanting symbolism and mystique of the medieval era. These delightful magnets are not only functional but also make for unique decorative pieces that bring a touch of medieval magic to your home or office.






A beautiful young woman, without showing any kind of effort, holds a lion by its open jaws.


It is the mysterious power of the mind, that dominates matter. The conscious and the unconscious.


Heroism, challenges, but also courage. It's proof that you don't need muscles to win. Hence the representation of a woman rather than a strong man.


Giulia Farnese Her attractiveness, which earned her the nickname of “Giulia the beautiful” amongst her contemporaries, guided her and her family towards power and wealth, bringing great fortune to the Farnese family. Giulia was born in Capodimonte, a fortress located on Lake Bolsena, in 1475. Her father was Pierluigi I, the leader and lord of Montalto di Castro, who agreed with Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia on the engagement between his daughter Giulia and Orsino Orsini, the Cardinal's nephew. It is unknown whether at the date of the wedding Giulia was already Rodrigo Borgia’s lover, as it is also unknown whether the daughter of Giulia Laura Orsini was Orsino’s or Rodrigo’s. At this point she was known as the lover of the Pope, who was completely blinded by the passion for that provocative young rebel, who earned her the nickname of papal concubine. The Pope even threatened Giulia with excommunication if she had left his side. Thanks to his intelligence he was able to manage his life
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