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ARCANUM XVI "The tower, the tower of Babel, lightning"

ARCANUM XVI "The tower, the tower of Babel, lightning"

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Add a touch of medieval charm with our unique magnet collection. Each magnet showcases a beautifully illustrated Tarot card, capturing the enchanting symbolism and mystique of the medieval era. These delightful magnets are not only functional but also make for unique decorative pieces that bring a touch of medieval magic to your home or office.




The tower, the tower of Babel, lightning.


A tower struck by lightning and people falling into the void.


It is a warning to human arrogance and unbridled ambition. Fall, ruin. Analogies with the tower of Babel.


It indicates the collapse of a situation based on our alleged intellectual or material capacities.


Torre Damiata The famous Damiata Tower can be found near the Monastery of San Bernardino, which extends to Piazza San Carluccio (St. Carluccio Square). This tower is amongst the oldest in the city and belonged to the Cocco family. It was dismantled and rebuilt several times and legend says that amongst its ruins a marble was found, in which the famous Decree of Desire was carved. Today the base of this colossal tower is still visible, whose possession in the XIII century was a frequent cause of terrible conflicts. This tower even had the protection of the Roman people when Nicola Cocco, given the conflictual relationships with his fellow citizens, sided with the Romans against Viterbo.
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