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ARCANUM II "The High Priestess, the Popess, pride"

ARCANUM II "The High Priestess, the Popess, pride"

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Add a touch of medieval charm with our unique magnet collection. Each magnet showcases a beautifully illustrated Tarot card, capturing the enchanting symbolism and mystique of the medieval era. These delightful magnets are not only functional but also make for unique decorative pieces that bring a touch of medieval magic to your home or office.




The High Priestess, the Popess, pride.


A woman of imposing appearance and solemn face.


It represents the feminine principle of life. The ancient mother who instills wisdom.


She indicates the bride, nature. She can also represent receptivity in divination.


Donna Olimia Pamphili Widow of Paolo Nini, a nobleman from Viterbo, Donna Olimpia enters the spheres of Roman power. She was known for the boundless ambition that led her to dominate the weak personality of her brother in law, the Pontiff. However, we cannot forget the urbanisation works of the village in an elegant principality when in 1654 Pope Innocence X gave her the title of Princess of San Martino.


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