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ARCANUM VII "The chariot, triumph, the shard"

ARCANUM VII "The chariot, triumph, the shard"

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Add a touch of medieval charm with our unique magnet collection. Each magnet showcases a beautifully illustrated Tarot card, capturing the enchanting symbolism and mystique of the medieval era. These delightful magnets are not only functional but also make for unique decorative pieces that bring a touch of medieval magic to your home or office.




The chariot, triumph, the shard.


A wagon pulled by two horses that respectively pull in opposite directions but both are facing the same destination.


It is the triumph of the spirit over nature. It is the motto that conquers all conflicts.


It represents glory. However it also implies caution and the ability of those who must lead a vehicle through possible obstacles, because they will always know how to evaluate the opposing factors and will triumph over everything.


The Wagon of the Holy Saviour The devotion of the Holy Saviour began to manifest itself In Viterbo towards the end of the 12th century, probably introduced by one of the pontiffs who lived there at that time. The solemn procession started from the Church of Santa Maria Nuova, where the parade was formed according to the order provided by the statute. The procession was initiated by the art of the yokels on horseback, an honour granted in memory of those yokels who rediscovered the image of the Saviour in 1283 in the field of Chirichera. The procession ceased for a certain time in 1901 due to the disappearance of the “Arts Corporations” and for the well established cult of Santa Rosa. It was taken up again in 1918 (1917?) in a less ostentatious way than before, and the triptych placed over an agricultural wagon pulled by oxen went back to tread the streets of the historic center.
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