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ARCANUM 0 "The Fool"

ARCANUM 0 "The Fool"

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Add a touch of medieval charm with our unique magnet collection. Each magnet showcases a beautifully illustrated Tarot card, capturing the enchanting symbolism and mystique of the medieval era. These delightful magnets are not only functional but also make for unique decorative pieces that bring a touch of medieval magic to your home or office.




"The Fool"


A jester walks impassively along his way without worrying about a dog attacking him. He carries a small bag and a stick


It represents the rational part of mankind, that can lead to both good and evil.


Unpredictability and extravagance, there are certainly also obvious symptoms of genius.


Frisigello, the medieval figure of this skilled jester who “faceva giochi meravigliosi di nove maniere, il qual in quel tempo non trovava pari, et ne fu fatta certa memoria nel corticale della chiesa di St. Angelo della Spada, nella parete d’avanti” (“played wonderful games in innovative ways, who at that time did not have equals, and was remembered and worshipped in the cortex of the church of St. Angelo della Spada, on the front wall”). This is how the Tuscia remembers him.
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